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Call for Abstracts / Papers

The "DesignEd Asia Conference 2009" is now calling for Abstract submissions. The submissions should be relevant to this year’s conference theme, and topic areas below:

"Forget The Future. What are Today’s Design Education Issues?"

Design Education is undergoing many new and exciting changes: The tradition of educating designers to work for consultancies and corporations remains strong in Asia, especially in the Pearl River Delta Region. However, other parts of the globe find design students faced with re-invention in the wake of the financial crisis, shifting global markets and high unemployment.

What are the issues confronting design education today that will influence how students are prepared for these new realities?

We invite papers in the following topic areas:

  • Changing Employment Opportunities for Students
  • Preparing students for careers in Business & as Entrepreneurs
  • Trend & Culture Research as a career?
  • Social & Green Design as an integral part of education
  • Design Education Administration Issues facing universities and private schools.
  • 10,000 graduating design students a year - how are your students unique?
  • … or A topic of your choice that relates to the theme.


Call for Papers

Last Update: August 21, 2009

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