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C for Culture

About Us ...

C for Culture was founded as a monthly magazine devoted to the critique of culture and arts. We have drawn together accomplished masters and literary talents from different generations, and are launching our own online TV programmes. We aspire to an open and liberal attitude, and believe in the capacity of cultural and arts critique to fully realise value pluralism.


We are a non-profit making organisation funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. In May 2008, we saw the birth of our inaugural issue which covered analytical features on public life from the cultural perspective, and critiques on music, theatre, visual arts, dance, film, literature and the mass consumer culture. Since the reform in March 2009, our new look have won us even wider acclaim. While holding fast to the goal of “Reconstructing Hong Kong’s Cultural Identity”, we have expanded our horizons and are setting greater store by the comparison of the cultural scenes in mainland China and Taiwan.


Starting from April 2009, besides the copies available at 200 distribution points in Hong Kong, articles of C for Culture can also be found in SP Luxos, our new media partner and a subsidiary high-end life-style magazine of Sing Pao. Thirty thousand copies of SP Luxos are now available on British Airways, China Eastern Airlines, and China Airlines.


Our online TV platform, CTV, is now in operation. Our programmes range from talk shows to introductions all sorts of arts, cultures and movements. It can be accessed through www.cforculture.com.



Divisions of Sections


A: Compass:

Delicately selected cultural events of the month, e.g. exhibitions, theatre, dance and films, clearly presented on a map and accompanied by synopses; professional, in-depth reviews on new books and events of the month penned by artists and critics.


B. Cover Story

Quality and comprehensive analytical feature writing aiming to monitor local cultural developments, discuss the issue of Hong Kong’s being marginalised, raise cultural awareness of the local people, and inspire their thinking. In view of the booming arts and cultural scenes in mainland cities, we study neighbouring cities so as to reflect on our own habitat and to help reconstruct our cultural identity. To provide a wider horizon, each feature integrates in-depth interviews with articles written by academics and critics.


C. Critique

With the greatest line-up of culture critics in Hong Kong, C for Culture lives up to its reputation as the hub of local cultural criticism. In each issue of C for Culture are 13 quality pieces of cultural critique brimming with powerful arguments and critical insights. They amount to 1/3 of each issue and cover a wide array of cultural forms, including visual arts, performing arts, films and literature. We also present to our readers critiques of media and cultural thoughts.


D. Being

By means of feature writing and in a lively and graceful tone, writers recount urban life experiences and talk about music, culture, urban transformation, the delicate relationships between the events and people around them…After a series of hard-edged criticisms and analyses, we offer our readers a whole different reading experience, a stimulating perspective on life, and an alternative kind of value judgement.


Last Update: September 1, 2009