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Anne-Marie Boutin

Anne-Marie Boutin (President, The Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Design (APCI), France)

Topic: Design education for a sustainable and desirable world : the French approach

Bill Moggridge

Bill Moggridge (Co-founder, IDEO )


Topic: Teaching Design Thinking

Cees de Bont Cees de Bont (Dean, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands)

Topic: A blessing in disguise - the contribution of Industrial Design Engineering to sustainable well being

Craig Vogel Craig Vogel (FIDSA, Associate Dean, Research and Innovation, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, University of Cincinnati, the U.S.A.)

Topic: The Live Well Collaborative - Managing the Tension between Coordinating Design in a Comprehensive University while Providing Design as an Outsource Capability to an International Corporation
Jeremy Myerson (Director and Helen Hamlyn Professor of Design, Helen Hamlyn Centre, Royal College of Art, the UK)

Topic: Desirable, Feasible and Viable - A review of educational initiatives from the Royal College of Art
in combining design with technology and business
at the front end of innovation
Patrick Whitney Patrick Whitney (Steelcase/Robert C Pew Professor and Dean, Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology, the U.S.A.)

Topic: Sustainable Innovation: Avoiding the Collission
The standard prescription for sustainability and the normal goals for innovation are in direct conflict with each other. How can design help reframe this situation?
Renke He

Renke He (Dean and Professor, School of Design, Hunan University, P.R. China)


Topic: From Industrial Design to Innovative Design

Yongqi LOU Xiaoyou He ( Associate Dean, Nanjing Arts Institute, P.R. China )

Topic: Investigating the Design Education Issues in China and Its Solutions
Yongqi LOU Yongqi Lou (Vice Dean, College of Design &
Innovation, Tongji University, P.R. China)

Topic: Bridging the knowledge: D&I @ Tongji


Last Update: November 19, 2009

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