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  29 November, 2011 (Day 1) Academic Exchange
Time Session A
Theatre 2
  Session B
Room S426
  Session C
Room S427
  Session D
Room S428
  Paper Session:
Education for Change

Moderator: Tim Jachna
  Paper Session:
Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Moderator: Aidan Rowe
  Paper Session:

Moderator: Wing C. Lau
  Paper Session:
Global and Local Issues

Moderator: Yan Yan Lam


Motif Matrix

Timothy Rundle

The Creatively
Literate Marketer -
Design Education Embedded in Canadian

Patricia Derbyshire

Modeling Field Trip for Cultural Studies
(Depicting Design Learning and Teaching beyond a School Environment)

Fung Ho Yin, Eva Yuen and Sherman Chan

Se Shui Community Landscape Planning
and C2C Design

Wen-Ting Chang and Shwu-Ting Lee

10:10 Looking Backwards: Drawing Design Lessons
from Small Local Builders for Brisbane's Medium-density Infill Housing

Danny Chun Yu Wong
Going Public:
From Designer Brand
to Designer Entrepreneur

Molly Heintz

Education for
Authenticity and Cultural

Jinan Kodapully

Design and Development
of an Aptitude Test for Fashion and Textile Study

Frankie Ng

10:35 Educating for Change:
A Case for a Pedagogy
of Desire in Design Education

Jill Franz, Marissa Lindquist and Grace Bitner
The Investigation of the Design Aesthetics
of Cultural Creativity Commodity of Matsu

Pi-Lien Chiu and Jui-Che Tu

Developing Cultural Products to Promote Local Culture: A Marketing Design for the Former
Tainan State Magistrate Residence

Tsen-Yao Chang, Kung-Hung Chen and
Kuo-Li Huang

A Whole New Breed? Designer’s Competencies
in the Technology Enhanced, Cross-cultural
Globalized World

Ricky Yuk-kwan Ng

11:00 Teaching Creative Thinking to Design Students as Future-proofing

Donald Welch

Pursuing "Culture Authenticity" in the
Design of Products for Communicating Cultural Messages

Tsen-Yao Chang and Che-Ting Wen


11:25 Networking Break



Paper Session:
Education for Change

Moderator: Wing C. Lau
  Paper Session:
Facilitating the Transition between Academia and Industry

Moderator: Timothy Rundle
  Paper Session:
Interdisciplinarity in Education

Moderator: Frankie Ng
  Paper Session:
Theory and Practice

Moderator: Remi Leclerc

A Fruitful Confrontation: Report from an
Educational Experiment Combining
Theory and Practice

Astrid Skjerven

The Role of Community Partnerships in Interdisciplinary Learning

Kate Schaefer and Melissa Gamble

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Promote

Lyubava Fartushenko

Expanding Illustration Design Studio Practice
through Critical Reflection

David Blaiklock

12:20 Visual Epistemology for Communication
Design Education

Gaia Scagnetti
Engaging Postgraduate Students with Business through Design Thinking
Experiential Workshops

Andrew Withell and Stephen Reay

Design with a Big “D”: Developing Designers
for the New Design World

Robert Lopez

Design.Lives Labs: Introducing Solution-focused Methodology to Design and Civic Education

Yanki Lee and Denny Ho

12:45 Design Pedagogy Competencies: Cross-cultural Collaboration for a Changing Future

Aidan Rowe and Sandra Wong

Double 'Blind Spots' of the Academia and Design Industry

Benson Pun Sin Cheung


Mapping Design Theory into Industrial
Applications: Best Practices from Malta

Jonathan Borg and Philip Farrugia

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