DesignEd is an annual event which is part of the highly successful Business of Design Week and this year will be an arena for new ideas and existing practices of Sustaining Culture through Design Education. The program will include invited speakers on the theme and for the very first time we will include presentations of cases and papers.

Event themes
With shared practices and global economies regional cultures can come under threat. One of the ways to preserve the culture of a region is through design education. It is in the design of the artifacts of a culture where unique traits can be preserved, utilized and shared. Themes for the conference will include:
- Teaching across cultures
- Cultural awareness for design students
- Curriculum development
- E-learning

Download leaflet: DesignEd_leaflet.pdf [2.4MB]

Date: 10-11 Dec 2007
Location: Hong Kong Convention
& Exhibition Centre
Program: Invited speakers on design education and culture; Paper presentations
Researchers and design consultancies across a wide range of disciplines are invited to contribute on the theme of sustaining culture through design education .

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